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For accommodation the Christmas Volleyball Tournament has an agreement with comprehensive school Vincent van Gogh. In this school building, called Salland, the participants will stay during the tournament. You can stay in Salland from the 26th until the 30th of December.

Salland is located on Salland 4, 9405 GM and is a building of Vincent van Gogh College in Assen. Each year, more than 520 participants sleep in Salland. During the Christmas Volleyball Tournament you can stay here for just € 22,50 with breakfast included.

Salland players card
When entering Salland you will be told by the Salland crew where to sleep. With the Salland players card you identify yourself towards the Salland crew. Keep this card with you at all times, because without the Salland players card you cannot enter Salland. Besides managing the atmosphere, the Salland crew can also wake you or your team up in the morning. This can be requested at the entrance.

Visiting hours
Salland is open 24-hours, starting on December 26 from 14:00 till December 29 22:00. Teams who have to make a long journey back to home may continue to stay in Salland and have to leave on the December 30 11:00. The Salland bar opens every day at 18:00.

Breakfast at Salland is from 7:00 – 10:30. Besides breakfast you can also order pizza, pasta or other snacks at the Salland Bar at charge. Food orders in which the bar is not involved, are not appreciated.

The Breakfast crew, Salland crew, Organisation, Drivers, Bar crew etc. are all volunteers. Treat them kind and with respect in the same way you would like to be treated too.

Every year there are buses that transport teams between Salland, the gymnasiums and ‘t Café. Would you like to go to the gymnasiums during the day or later in the evening to ‘t Café? Head over to the office of Transportation. The office is located at the entrance of Salland.

Alcohol age limit 18+
As of January 1, 2014 it is strictly illegal to sell alcohol to youths under 18 years. The organisation of KVT will therefore put extra e ort in checking this age limit in the Salland-bar. On the Salland players cards, your date of birth will be clearly written. Alcohol will only be sold on presentation of your players card.


  • Listen, at any time, to the instructions of the Salland crew or organization members.
  • It is prohibited to consume, drugs or other narcotics in Salland.
  • Smoking can be done in the smoking area’s.
  • Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the assembly hall/ 
bar area. If there is alcohol in the classrooms, it may be confiscated by 
the organization.
  • Any damage(s) caused in Salland will be recovered from the relevant 
team or individual.
  • By theft/violence/vandalism we will always inform and hand you over 
to the Police.
  • At the end of the tournament we expect you to leave the classroom 
proper and clean.
  • Please do not touch the electronics in the classrooms.
  • It is not allowed to use self brought electronics such as radio’s and 
coffee makers in the classrooms.
  • Forwarding of sockets is not permitted because of fire safety.
  • In each team, the organization keeps one person accountable (coach, 
leader). This person ensures that the team knows and observes the house rules. 
If you and/or one of your team members do not comply with one or more of these rules, the organization reserves the right to remove you from Salland. Additionally, the deposit of your team will be retained and possible damage will be recovered by your team.


If you don’t want to sleep in Salland there is also a possibility to stay at host-families. Please let us know by e-mail!