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This page contains the frequently asked questions. Does this page not include your question? Do not hesitate to contact us and ask your question via info@kerstvolleybal.nl

When does the tournament take place?
The Christmas Volleyball Tournament takes place on 27, 28 and 29 of December.

What are the costs of the tournament?
The registration costs of the tournament are €120,- per team. Every team has to pay a deposit of €100,-. The costs of Salland are €22,50 per person for the whole tournament and includes breakfast.

Can we stay in Assen during the tournament?
Yes, we have our own accommodation: Salland. For more information, you can look on the Salland page. It’s also possible to stay at host-families.

I registered my team, what’s next?
To be guaranteed of a place in the tournament please mail photos to info@kerstvolleybal.nl and complete the payment.

Where can I pay for the tournament? 

You have to pay the full payment in once to:
NL40 RABO 03828 01 881 tnv. Vereniging Kerstvolleybal Toernooi
It’s important to mention the team and contact person.  

What about transport during the tournament?
During the tournament we let busses drive you between Salland and the different sports halls. In the evening you can also arrange a bus from Salland to the city-center of Assen. This is possible from 8.00 PM and costs €2,-. Busses drive until 2.00 AM

I can’t find the answer to my question?!
Please let us know, mail us on info@kerstvolleybal.nl